The Terrace Restaurant

Menu for Saturday 09 Jul 22 at 6pm

£97.50 per person


Italian Courgettes (GF)

Toasted Orzo | Grilled Courgette Ribbons | Pumpkin Seed Praline Barrel Aged Feta | Mint Pesto (GF)

Miso Chicken (GF)

Marinated and Roasted Chicken | 7 Green Vegetables | Furikaki Seasoning | Sesame Tossed Feta | Roasted Cashews | Miso Dressing (GF)

Oaxaca Slow Cooked Squash (VE, GF)

Ancho Chilli | Toasted Corn | Iced Gem | Spring Onion Roasted Peppers | Mexican Grains | Jalapeño Salsa (VE, GF)


Chicken Coconut Curry

Chicken Breast | Coconut Curry | Caramelised Citrus Grains Root Bhaji | Mint and Toasted Garlic Raita

Red Mullet and Saffron (GF)

Grilled Mullet | Saffron Potatoes | Broccoli | Bisque | Tarragon Oil (GF)

Robata Aubergine (VE, GF)

Tamarind and Miso Fire Roasted Aubergine | Japanese Greens | Pink Pepper Yogurt | Young Coriander (VE, GF)


Raspberry and Elderflower

Panna Cotta | White Peach and Vanilla | Lemon Thyme Brandy Snaps

Thai Watermelon (VE, GF)

Compressed with Thai Spices | Mint and Vanilla Sorbet (VE, GF)

British Cheeses

House Made Chutney | Crackers | Celery | Grapes