The Terrace Restaurant

Menu for Sunday 10 Jul 22 at 6pm

£97.50 per person


Isle of Wight Tomato Salad (GF)

Variations of Tomatoes | Baked Herb Ricotta | Caramelised Onions | Pickled Bean Salad | Wild Thyme Dressing (GF)

Grilled Inverawe Salmon (GF)

Salmon | Charlotte Potatoes | Heirloom Tomatoes | Toasted Fine Beans (GF)

Oaxaca Slow Cooked Squash (VE, GF)

Ancho Chilli | Toasted Corn | Iced Gem | Spring Onion Roasted peppers | Mexican grains | Jalapeño Salsa (VE, GF)


Chicken Roots

Chicken and Coconut Curry | Caramelised Citrus Grains Root Bhaji | Mint and Toasted Garlic Raita

Catalonian Cod (GF)

Pan Roasted Cod | Piquillo Pepper and Butterbean Cassoulet | Sauce Romesco (GF)

Bulls Heart Tomato (VE, GF)

Stuffed with orzo | Roasted Onions | Wild Oregano | Cucumber | Roasted Chilli Pickle (VE, GF)


Pan Perdu

Grilled Brioche | Amalfi Lemon Curd | Yogurt Sorbet

Peaches and Mint (VE, GF)

Grilled Peaches | Coconut Yogurt | Spearmint Leaves (VE, GF)

British Cheeses

House Made Chutney | Crackers | Celery | Grapes